Shopping Gallery

Grand Marina

Sochi, neserbskaya Str., 1a

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complex D.O.M.
The greatest conceptual space of the Black Seashore.
Two-level restaurant, karaoke and terrace. The complex is situated at the first sea line in the immediate vicinity of the Sea Port.
Expert in
fitness world
The only one in Sochi and the first premium fitness club meeting the world's requirements.
World Class — is the leader in fitness industry in the segments of «LUX» and «PREMIUM».

Официальный сайт торгового центра Grand Marina

Three-level Shopping Gallery Grand Marina was opened in 2013 in Sochi, at the first sea line nearby the new yacht port with modern infrastructure along Neserbskaya Street. Shopping Gallery Grand Marina form a part of the similarly-named multi-purpose complex with a total rea of 20 ths sq.m. The project also includes a exhibition-presentation complex.